Submission 3A Digital and Social media marketing infographic, Jade Wright, 10272860

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Submission 3A Infographic- S Tandon 10218423

infographic done

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Tom Cooke 11029127 – Submission 3A Infographics







Digital Levers



Customer Journey

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Melissa de la Fuente – 10302058 – Infographic 3A


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Marion Hughes 11029132, Section 3A Infographic

Segment - final positioning - final leavers - final voyage - fina

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Lauren Reid Submission 3A -Infographic

seg final2


positioning final 2


MMatric final


customer voyage final

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What to look out for in 2014 part 2

Have you been searching this year big digital trends? If you are stuck on thinking of creative and unique ways to market a clients product or service then look no further we have everything you need right here.

So what has been said to be big for 2014? And by big we mean bigger than it was in 2013.

1. Video Advertising

Why ?

They attract more US adults aged 18-24 than any TV channel does.

YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month.

Engages  consumers for longer than the likes of a TV advert or a print advertisement.

2. Mobile Advertising

Yes while the video is a great example of the usage of mobile phones and our consumption habits it has one flaw….. It’s 2 years out of date, which as we know in the digital world is already dated and these figures have increased since the making of the video.

3. Localised and Geo – targeting


Companies can gain valuable data on their consumers.

The  more confident consumers become purchasing via their phone the more willing they are likely to become in receiving messages from organisations.

Can target potential customers within a specified perimeter to receive messages through their phones.

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Genius ideas of 2013.

Family Guy fans rejoice: Brian’s back!

At the end of last year many were rocked by the revelation that Brian, the dog from Family Guy had been killed off the animated comedy in a dramatic twist to the show.

Although many skeptical, the scenes leading up to and following his accident had sincerity with heartfelt goodbyes from the Griffin family and even with changing the famous intro by adding of the new dog Vinnie, Brian’s replacement, many wondered: was this a stunt or in fact real?

However, after weeks of outrage, with thousands of complaints and petitions put in place to bring the much loved character back, causing emotions to run high all around, many were happy to hear that it was in fact a ingenious idea by creator Seth MacFarlane to create a bit of a stir!

Oh well all’s well that ends well. No harm done. Oh wait…
Brian Griffin RIP tattoo.

Would you do 30 squats for a free subway ticket?

With New Years resolutions and fitness schemes such as the 30-day squat challenge around as motivation techniques for many to get fit – the video below demonstrates a new method where ticketing machines in Russian Subways encourages commuters to exercise to get their fare for free!

This interesting scheme launched to promote the 2014 Winter Olympics, allowed for passers-by to receive a free ticket as long as they did 30 squats in front of the ticket machine. Now some would probably be thinking of ways to beat the system but in fact this would be hard to do, as the machine is able to track the individual’s movements to know whether it had been accomplished or not. Hooray for good health!

See the short video below to view how it worked, reactions and a few different attempts at it! The good stuff starts at the 34-second mark.

The ticket machines were installed in subway stations in Moscow and the scheme lasted to December 2013.
The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games, or the 22nd Winter Olympics, are scheduled to take place from 6 to 23 February 2014, in Sochi Russia.

And finally…

(an idea that definitely does not promote exercise)

Anything you want, to your door!

We’ve all been in that situation; it’s late, you’re hungry and you have a craving for something, be it a KFC box meal, a McDonalds breakfast or a meal from Nandos. But if only they delivered! Residents of Greater Manchester, Fear no more -the solution is upon us!

An innovative idea launched at the end of the year, ‘Feed My Need’ promises to deliver anything your heart desires, whilst you’re in bed, thinking about your cravings after a heavy night out, with fees ‘cheaper than a taxi and you don’t even have to leave your house’.

With a £4 charge for delivery and a expected arrival time within 15 – 45 minutes on most orders, this is definitely something to be made the most of.

0161 222 1072

So that’s it! A few of my top going-ons of 2013. Here’s to 2014 in hopes that it can match these inventive concepts, I do appreciate some innovation in my life!


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Nostalgia… Your initial exposure to brand loyalty.

Lunchbox Communications' Blog

Your initial exposure to brand loyalty might have been your first Star Wars, Barbie or Ninja Turtles lunchbox (hence the story behind our agency’s name). And seeing an image that reminds you of your first lunchbox, first kiss or first car can bring back a very warm sustaining feeling that leaves you longing. Ah Nostalgia. It is an an age-old advertising tactic that is highly effective in persuading someone to buy your product. But with the overload of advertisements out there, what makes one sentimental tactic stand above the crowd? We gathered a list of some of our favorite ads that have utilized nostalgia in a unique way.


We love this video from Big Fuel, a company that specializes in social media advertisements. “Her computing machine” and “the electric friendship generator” had us all laughing in our seats. Released in 2009 this ad has over 1 million plays and…

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What to look out for in 2014 Part 1

First of all Happy New Year from Hulaholics and we hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

Now into 2014 …..

As we are all busy trying to stick to our New Year resolutions already the marketing world is looking rather promising and even more exciting and innovative in 2014 so far.

Here are just a few things in the marketing world you might want to keep your eyes open for as no doubt you will be hearing more from them very soon.

1. 3D Printing

Yes although some people have said it would take off and others disagreeing, it looks like 3D Printing is here for the stay. Well at least for now anyway. Brands are going to be using this more and more and we may even see the use of 3D printing being incorporated into 3D Printing marketing campaigns.

2. Personalisation

We’ve seen it all before those annoying Amazon emails for films we have no interest in and other things we don’t buy as well as the endless meaning less and impersonal emails, leaflets and also social media campaigns. Well 2014 is going to see the use of brands becoming more efficient in personal marketing and tailor their communications to the right customers. Finally!

  56% of consumers have said that they would rather chose a brand that personalise their marketing communications to speak to them, from research conducted by O2’s The Rise of Me Tail study. This could lift a company’s sales by 7.8%. Showing that personalizing marketing campaigns really does work.

3. Provenance

Consumers are being more interested in the heritage behind a brand and the history behind what they are buying adding to the authenticity of a brand. Some people would argue that story telling from a brand is also becoming really important and helps to enhance the image and the involvement that consumers have with the brand therefore helping to boost the brand loyalty.


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